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Master Planning

The key to a great Apartment Complex Or Assisted Living development  is in the master planning. At MWT Architecture, we take the time to understand our clients' needs and prepare an architectural plan that creates a strong balance between hotel and resort design aesthetics and functionality. Our vision comes to life to improve the residents experience from the moment they arrive on the property. We have the experience and design talent to create meaningful projects for you - whether it is multi-family apartments or a senior living campus  -- we bring talent to your doorstep.

Construction Administration

Our construction experts will provide your professional team with step-by-step guidance to assist in the completion of your project. From initial design sketches of a project to the final delivery of the keys to the owner, we are there. Project delivery can be complex and that is why you can count on our experienced licensed architects working on your project. Don't be fooled by others that over-promise and under-deliver.


MWT Architecture is a full-service Architectural firm. We are a single source responsibility for all your housing needs, from Site Planning & Construction Administrative Services.


        I.   Master Planning & Pre-Planning     Services

        II.  Visualization Studies, Graphics & Marketing Materials

        III. Schematic Design, Design Development,

              Construction Documents & Construction Administration

        IV. Specialty Roll-Out Services


Design Assistance


Site Selection

& Evaluation

MWT Architect provides our customers with on-site selection and evaluation services to make sure that you are getting the best use and the greatest potential for your land use. Commercial Apartments and senior living campuses have very complex site requirements that are not always understood by your local site engineer. Our skilled architect and consult professionals will assist you in maximizing the design for any given site, including building placement, parking/vehicular and pedestrian circulation, responding to programmatic, functional, environmental and governing agencies' requirements.

We recognize that there are many capable and talented architectural firms out there to select for your next development project. With this in mind, we offer our clients the option for us to provide the exceptional talent to get the project moving in the right direction, on-time and within budget.

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Since 1994

20+ Years of Experience

500+ Projects


Don Edward, AIA